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At Coastal Energy safety is of the utmost concern.  Coastal Energy provides their customers with information packets containing important facts regarding LP Gas (propane) safety each year.  We would like all of our customers and users of propane to distribute the safety information to their employees and customers as part of their responsibilities to make them aware, and to handle our product safely. 

The safety pamphlet “If you smell gas, don’t light it” and many other beneficial information pieces can be ordered from (PERC) Propane Education and Research Council at (866-840-1075); or visit their web-site at  We will gladly provide reproducible copies of an MSDS for Propane for your use and distribution.

The National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) updates their standards for storage and handling of liquefied petroleum gases on a regular basis.  The standards that you must follow for safe operation are contained in NFPA #58,“LP Gas Code” and “NFPA #55 storage, use and handling of compressed and liquefied petroleum gas in portable cylinders.  These are available from NFPA at 800-344-3555 or the internet site

If you need safety information, contact or 912-261-2634.  You may also talk to your sales representative.



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