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competitive prices and commitment to customer service


where competitive prices and commitment to customer service are the norm.

Coastal Energy has a very favorable market position as one of the largest independently owned wholesale propane suppliers in the Southeastern U.S.

Through our numerous supply contracts we have access to propane sources from the Texas gulf coast, Louisiana, Canada, Midwest production and overseas.

Our supply diversity affords us maximum flexibility.  This flexibility provides a competitive advantage for your company.  Many of our customers make us their primary and  preferred supplier for their retail locations.  We have the experience to get through the peaks and valleys of the propane market!  With combined experience of over 150 years Coastal Energy will continue to build on the success of its business model, and we are actively seeking  opportunities to expand into new markets, as we are now in Indiana, Ohio and Michigan, as well as the southeastern US.

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Propane Facts

Environment Facts

Propane is more environmentally friendly than gasoline or diesel, emitting up to 26% less greenhouse gases than conventional gasoline and significantly fewer emissions of criteria air contaminants and air toxics that impact air quality and human health.

Abundant and Stable Pricing

Over the last 12 years the price of propane has been consistently over 40% lower than gasoline. It is anticipated that the gasoline market will remain volatile into the foreseeable future due to tight refining capacity in North


Propane makes sense. Today there are over 10 million propane-powered vehicles worldwide and the number is growing.